What is a Walking foot on a Sewing Machine used For?

All you fashion lovers, who dives deep into the art of clothing making and everything that matters this post is for you. Nowadays, sewing machines come with attachments called walking feet which help to keep your stitches and material allied whereas sewing. They are particularly valuable for sewing leather applications with sponge or pillow inners. A walking foot attachment lets you sew precisely and with more control at upper speeds. A walking foot is an add-on which can be used for nourishing material through a sewing machine as it is being sewed.

It is a valuable add-on to have when sewing with heavy material such as leather. You can moreover lift the foot out of the exchange with the substance to aid in the nourishing action or you can drop the foot to keep many covers composed whereas sewing. A single sewing machine might have one tough foot or two with blinking action. Both can be shared with additional feed devices such as a drop feed or a pointer feed.

A walking foot is characteristically found on industrialized machines which are intended for heavy-duty material requests. A walking foot is a must-have addition for any multi-layer appeal meanwhile it keeps the layers calm and stops the top layer from receiving push fast of the other layers.

What do you use a Roller foot for?

A roller foot is used to sew thicker fabrics such as leather and vinyl which are difficult to feed because they are heavier fabrics. The foot has two sets of rollers, one large one in the front and two smaller ones in the back of the foot. These wheels help the fabric pass under the foot easily and smoothly. Some roller feet have their own shank or may easily snap on and off of the machine.

The roller foot can moreover be made from non-stick resources or just plain stainless steel or metal. Irrespective of their style or material, these feet all do the same job at the daybreak. A roller foot can be used in the place of an all-resolution foot by following the references in your machine user handbook.

How to attach a Walking foot to my Sewing Machine?

First of all, you will need to eliminate at all kind of foot you have on your machine at the instant. You will also need to eliminate the Presser Foot Adapter or Foot Holder. To eradicate the snap on the presser foot, you need to push the presser foot statement button which is situated behindhand the presser foot adaptor. Most machine add-ons will be the snap on kind but every from time to time you will find one that wants to be devoted and untied with a small screwdriver.


The foremost thing to recollect when working with the leather material is to go relaxed. Blunders in the leather material cannot be unraveled without leaving revealing holes behind. So, it’s always better to take your time, work prudently and use the correct pointer and foot for the best leather sewing fallouts.

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