Microwave Buyer’s Guide

In a modern-day kitchen microwave ovens are all about convenience. Whether you want to reheat remains, make yourself the morning coffee, cook a fresh meal or just make popcorn for a movie marathon, no other appliance comes as handy as a microwave. With so many options available in the market, we understand how overwhelming it’s to find that one piece that fits the bill. To find the most appropriate microwave, reflect the types accessible and the capability, before deciding on additional features.


  • Auto Cook Menu

The Auto Cook Menu option comes with preset suites to streamline the grounding of a variety of recipes. Once the dish is selected, along with its weight, the oven will mechanically set the power and cooking time.

  • Child Lock

Kids are curious always and it’s important to buy products that offer child safety, it may be a good idea to make sure your microwave oven offers safety feature.

  • Rotisserie

A rotisserie is a form of grilling accessory that usually comes with some of the microwave ovens. It is beneficial for grilling and roasting vegetables, paneer, meat and poultry.

  • Defrost

Why wait for frozen food to thaw when you can defrost. Use the defrost function elegantly to unfreeze the food. Using auto defrosts is easy: input the frozen food’s weight and the microwave set the best program.

  • Pre-heat

Pre-heating is getting your oven to a set exact temperature before cooking. It is most frequently used before preparing cakes, cookies, and certain dishes that use the grill function. For instance, it’s idyllic for when the recipe says, “Heat the oven to 200 degrees C”.

  • Timer

The timer function can be set mechanically to end a heating or cooking program after a stated duration. For instance, while making popcorn, it’s easier to set a timer for a few minutes, rather than checking the oven manually short time periods.

What to Consider While Buying Microwave

  • Budget

Normally, countertop microwaves are not too costly in contrast to others. Valuing is one the most vital factor when it comes to making any purchasing decision. But meanwhile, this is one-time investment any model to be carefully chosen must be based on general features and budget.

  • Space and Location

Subsequently, budget space and location is additional indispensable constituent available to you. The countertop models clearly gobble up the counter space. For example, if space is a restraint then countertop models is not a good choice as they cover a lot of space in any modern day kitchen.

  • Quick Keys

A 1-min or 30-second key necessitates only a tap to promote the preset cooking time, keeping up any power level was sure. It equally brisk changes in accordance with your previous settings—pushing the catch more than once surges the time growth.

  • Purpose

The purpose is the one of the most important factor that surely knows why in the first place they need to buy a microwave oven. Is it only heating the meals? Or do you want to cook? If reheating is all you need to do with the microwave oven then countertop oven is what you need.


Typically, microwave ovens are power-driven by 600 w to 1000W. The more wattage means more constancy. However, you should know your home’s electric volume. Does your household have enough electric capacity to handle this extra exhaustion?

  • Functionality

If you believe in working smart then you what we’re talking about. The shortcuts not only save time but also offer peace of mind. Generally, most of the ovens come with 6 to 10 pre-programmed functions.

  • Safety Lock

Safety comes first particularly if you have children in the house, this feature can save them from any sort of injury. Nowadays, in fact, all the models come with a child lock safety feature so ensure you check this feature in your designated model before making any buying decision.